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Grigoryeva I.V.

Irkutsk State Linquistic University

Irkutsk, Russia

   As a part of a social, cultural and a professional context mediaeducation is  connected with culture, philosophy, and pedagogic is also called to provide a modern education system with mediacompetent teachers. In other words to provide with such experts who would possess culture of a dialogue with media; creative, communicative abilities; critical thinking; skill of high-grade perception, interpretation, the analysis and the estimation of mediatexts; uses of modern technologies.

     Today in high schools the question of the organization of mediaeducational space arises, which corresponds to new requirements and satisfies cultural-educational needs of modern youth.  And it also enables freely high school to have a position in the open educational space and to present the educational opportunities, in order to stimulate its own competitiveness.

    The faculty of pedagogic in the institute of educational technologies of Irkutsk state linguistic university (ISLU) carries out serious work on the organization of mediaeducational space of high school and inclusion the future experts of educational spheres in it.

    The purpose of work is the organization of external and internal mediaeducational space of high school, and the consequent creation of the basis of formation of the mediacompetent expert who is ready for high-grade inclusion in the system of communication during a mass communication, for its critical judgment. The purpose also includes the formation of understanding among the future experts in the field of education that mediaformation and pedagogic of a thing are very close and interconnected.

      Activity of faculty in a context of the given problem will be carried out by inclusion of students in mediaeducational space through performance of tasks and educational projects of research character.

    So per 2007 within the limits of idea of the organization of mediaeducational space of high school the faculty had been lead competition among students of humanitarian-pedagogical faculty (ISLU) «The Best web-page of a pedagogical specialty ".

   The purpose of the competition lied in the creation of internal and external mediaeducational spaces the ISLU.  In turn, conditions of competition were the creation of mobile web-page which would represent the certain qualification, could be used as an advertisement for the given qualification on the site of Irkutsk state linguistic university (ISLU).   Features of this competition consisted in independent development of the students in the technology of creating the electronic resources, by means of a world wide web and the modern scientific literature.

      It is necessary to tell about the termination of competition for an estimation. In our opinion, such approach in preparation will allow to solve a problem of becoming the modern expert, in fact to meet modern requirements of the market of educational services, it is necessary for a present teacher to possess skills of designing and organizing media educational space which can be seized through participation in actions of similar character.

It is possible to consider as the main results of work the following:  growing understanding among the future experts in the field of formation, that information and a computerization of a society at the present stage gives huge potential of opportunities for intellectual development of rising generation. This position once again proves, that the organization of mediaeducational space in high schools, and also participation in its creation, promotes professional becoming of the modern expert new, the new design-program type ready to information and  computerization of educational sphere.


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